Espresso maker – portable coffee machine – compact and small – manual – with cotton carry bag – brush – eBook

  • ESPRESSO MAKER: high quality black press for travel, camping, hiking, office or home kitchen. 1 year warranty
  • PORTABLE COFFEE MACHINE: Manual pump pressure, hot water and coffee grinds for a super drink with crema
  • COMPACT and SMALL: mini, handheld, intuitive and clever, without any battery or electricity
  • COTTON CARRY BAG and FILTER BRUSH to help you prepare coffee shots anytime, anywhere
  • E-BOOK: a journey into the coffee world and the art of making your perfect espresso

Have the authentic coffee pleasure anytime and anywhere with **MiPress** , a small, compact and clever **coffee maker** which can give you an **excellent espresso** with crema. It is easy, fun, no batteries, no cables, just your excellent coffee from your **portable espresso machine**. * Grind your coffee blend * Place it in the filter * Tamper it softly using the included spoon * Fix the coffee maker head over the filter * Add hot water in the water tank * Fix the water tank in the coffee maker and pump the piston for few times (for a ristretto) or more times (for a longer shot). _To avoid spilling hot water please make sure the water tank is properly fixed before you continue. You do that by turning MiPress around its vertical axis and visually checking if the water tank is evenly screwed into the body._ As MiPress is not an electrically powered machine, its body temperature will be the one of the environment. Should you find the coffee temperature low, run hot water through it once before preparing your delightful espresso. _You can find more detailed information about using MiPress in the User Manual and in our complementary e-book._ MiPress is a **high quality** product and your satisfaction is the most important for us. You have a **1 year warranty** coming to support our **commitment for quality** and **customer satisfaction**. MiPress comes with complementary **cotton carry bag** and **coffee brush**. Use them to make your experience even more enjoyable. Use the carry bag to take MiPress with you everywhere you go. Use the coffee brush anytime you need to clean MiPress' filter or when you don't have the means to wash it. We offer a complementary **e-book** to our customers. The e-book will offer you a very detailed user manual for MiPress and a **journey into the coffee world and the art of making your perfect espresso**. View Details

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